Hey Yall (well i never say that) Well welcome to the place were you'll probably laugh your ass off at me, well anyway this site is all about me getting of the F-list, if u thought Kathy Griffin's D-list was hard, well you have no fricken idea about my life. So by, MAY 2007 i will officially be on the A-list of Florida.(i know being on florida's A-list isnt hot shit, but its somethin)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well hey everyone, Im officially in tune to start my Quest to upping my social status, well anyway if u dont know i live in Lakeland, FL, (THE GREATEST PITSTOP BETWEEN TAMPA AND ORLANDO) wow shit i lurve using the caps, so don't get pushy. Here's a lil glimpse of what my ghetto ass city looks like. (SO you know its gonna be so easy gettting on the list in this town!)

Here is a lil glimpse of what the city looks in pics


hey everyone, welcome to my blog, If u have suggestions for my site, put it here cause im kinda new here, well anyway, we have an event going on here, the ad is to the right ------> so im thinking about going an bringing the celebrity in me out